Street Guardian SGZC12RC 2016 v2 edition EXTERNAL WATER POOF (SGRCWPC) Remote Camera edition DashCam with Sony Exmor IMX322 CMOS Sensor 1080P WDR Night Performance High Heat Supercapacitor

1920x1080p 30fps High Heat Capacitor Operation up to 90C/194F ! (new v2 edition)

2.7" LCD TOUCH "Capacitive" Screen, Easy Menu Operation.
In addition to the Sony Exmor IMX322 CMOS Sensor & Lens: 7 Element Glass lens, 135° Diagonal viewing angle,MATTE BLACK (No G-Sensor in External Camera)

A+ Video Quality with WDR Night Vision, A+ build quality, very stable power supply, supports up to 128gb memory (microSD card not included, *format 64GB & 128GB cards FAT32), very low power consumption, and more sets this apart from the rest

Included SGRCWPC - Waterproof External Camera for SGZC12RC details

- 2 piece system hooks into your Street Guardian SGZC12RC
- 1 of 2 Camera Cable is 59 inches long (150cm)
- 2 of 2 Main Cable is 248 inches (630cm)
- MicroUSB end plugs into the side of your SGZC12RC Main Monitor DVR Unit.
- Total Length = 307 inches (780cm)

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