SGCPL (CPL for SG9665GC v3 and SG9663DC)


Street Guardian SGCPL (CPL for SG9665GC v3 and SG9663DC)

(CIRCULAR POLARIZING LENS) Reduce Glare & Reflections

Reduce DashBoard Reflections from below and Sun Glare on your Street Guardian SG9665GC V3 and SG9663DC

CPL glass comes pre-adjusted for the correct polarization. (no adjustment needed) Buyers don't need to adjust anything, - just attach
CPL filter shell is made of a strong and flexible plastic with a heatproof rating up to 80C / 176F.

(SGCPL) Custom Made CPL Filter for SG9665GC V3 And SG9663 (Night Friendly! Leave on 24/7)

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